Friends of Al Aqsa

The Friends of Al-Aqsa is a non-profit organisation. It caters for the educational, cultural, political awareness of the Palestinian struggle against illegal Zionist occupiers of Palestine.

Bigotry, Chauvinism, injustice, racial discrimination and racial intolerance are not natural instinctive reactions of a human being; but rather a social, cultural and political phenomenon born out of conflict, military conquest, slavery and individual or collective exploitation of the oppressed, weak and the dispossessed by the most powerful down the ages of history.

We in South Africa have just emerged from a vicious, cruel and brutal form of an Apartheid System imaginable. We have surfaced from most inhumane form of Institutionalised  Apartheid and State Sponsored Terrorism. Thus its a natural projection for the Friends of Al-Aqsa is to assist all those Justice seeking and Freedom Loving People of the world.

The Friends of Al-Aqsa has been in existence for the past five years, during which period the activities of the organisation has increased in volume and in quality.

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